Irish Christian Friends of Israel’s tacit support for Illegal Settlements cannot go unchallenged

Originally posted on Healing the society:

An open letter from the Irish Christian Friends of Israel, publicised by nefariously anti-Palestinian pressure group Irish4Israel entitled “Ban of Israeli Settlement Products”, was sent to the Tánaiste, Eamon Gilmore, on 06th of June 2013, containing factual errors so numerous, twisting easily verifiable facts and making so many tendentious allegations it cannot go unanswered.

They start off by expressing how ‘appalled’ they are that Eamon Gilmore is seeking to label Illegal settlement produce and post the question “why is he singling out Israel?” and go on to ponder “why no comparable Irish zeal exists to single out products from such occupied lands as Tibet, West Papua New Guinea, Western Sahara or Northern Cyprus, to name but a few.”

Such a spurious argument is nothing more than a straw man designed to imply that a level of hypocrisy is at work where none actually exists. Something that should concern…

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