Palestine News | Aug 25, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 25,  2013 | 24278 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2266 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

EU warns firms & businessmen of dealing with Israeli settlements products

UNRWA rejects Israeli incitement

Systematic abuse, beatings and threats against Palestinian children

Palestinian Injured Near Jerusalem

Fight back against @BBC’s Kennedy censorship

Assad’s forces kill 22 Palestinian refugees using with chemical weapons in  Damascus

Serious deterioration in condition of wounded teen

Israel’s occupation forces attack Palestinian citizens, kidnap three young men in Dura town

IOF persist in quelling peaceful marches against settlement in W. Bank

Abbas, French Minister Agree that Palestine Main Issue in Region

Ministry: Jailed Gaza engineer transferred to hospital

G4S rooftop protesters acquitted

In stead of protecting Palestinians: Palestinian Authority consider renewing joint patrols with Israeli occupation

PA goes Stasi-Style: Dozens of citizens arrested, summoned in wide PA campaign against Hamas

Venezuela to build eye hospital in Palestine

Abbas: PA Decided to Return to Negotiations to Achieve Peace 56 14/–PA-Decided-to-Return-to-Negotiations-to-Achieve-Peace.aspx

Three Palestinians arrested in West Bank

Hamdallah: PA wants to reach agreement with teachers

Palestinian factions march against negotiations

Ahava means “Love’ in hebrew. But you don’t want the “Ahava” @Nordstrom sells!

PA, Jordan meet to ease travel for pilgrims

Israeli occupation blocks travel of 30 Palestinians in one week

IOF arrests a young man in al-Khalil

Bennett: Oslo is over, Palestinian state is dead

11 Palestinians including children from Jenin killed in Syria massacre

August 30 – London: Protest of G4S – Free the Hares Boys! Free the Nablus 3!

University  Professors in Palestine call Abbas to suspend negotiations

Truck crash in Negev leads to chemical spill

Jewish immigration increases rapidly: statistics

Number of #Israelis requesting gas masks quadruples …

Vichy propaganda:
Israel-Palestine peace vital for stability of region

Official warns of Israel’s manipulation of school curriculum in occupied Jerusalem

DFLP welcomes the initiative of Haneyya

Settling: Still a WARCRIME by Int’l LAW
but Israeli forces expand illegal outpost in Nablus

Jewish extremists enter Al-Aqsa compound

Ghusain: prime minister to extend invitations to discuss governance initiative

Israel orders partial demolition of Palestinian school

Dozens of settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque under protection of Israeli police

DFLP, Karama meet to discuss Egypt unrest

SETTLER VIOLENCE World’s MSM most muted issue

What you don’t read in your newspaper…
Over 1700 extremist colonist attacks Silenced by media
Ignorance is a choice
Silence is complicity

Israel trained equiped & armed terrorizing settlers
Watch it

Former minister: PA security’s force against citizens is authoritarian behavior

The Vichy regime buys PA’s loyalty:
Palestine, France Sign Two Agreements worth 19 Million Euros – WAFA

It must be asked: What if the peace talks fail? – Opinion

Youth group in Gaza holds candle vigil in solidarity with Syria

WZO twists the law to build all mod cons settlement

Refugees of Palestine | Human Rights Denied

Free speech violations and re-education program at FAU (Nadine Aly, Youngist)

Egypt partially reopens Gaza Strip crossing

#StopPrawerPlan |  VIDEO | Up to 70,000 (!) Bedouins Could Be Impacted or Displaced by Israel ~ Interview with @Moe_Diab

#StopPrawerPlan | Help disseminate the facts about the ethnic cleansing of Bedouin of Palestine …

Genocide Tribunal Against Israel Fails Palestinian Victims – Center for Research on Globalization

31 Palestinians among victims of alleged chemical attack

MSF: 3,600 Syrians showed ‘neurotoxic symptoms’

Don’t let the Rabbis of true Judaism fight alone against zionism!
Zionism = Racism
Zionism = Not of Judaism
FF @rhreng @netureikartausa

After 5 Days of Closure, Egypt Opens Borders With Gaza Strip – New York Times

Abandoned baby found in Jerusalem

OIC Chief to Visit Palestinian Territories on Wednesday 56 14/OIC-Chief-to-Visit-Palestinian-Territories-on-Wednesday.aspx

Abbas, Fabius, Hold Joint Press Conference,-Fabius,-Hold-Joint-Press-Conference.aspx

Abbas: We want to take our chance for peace

Palestine top negotiator briefs Jordanian FM on talks with Israelis – Kuwait News Agency

Jenin man shot by Israeli forces needs spinal surgery

VIDEO | Anti-Syria chemical weapons use claims serve Zionist interests: Analyst

Israel uses banned torture methods 

Israel developed over 100 torture methods against Palestinian prisoners 

And deploys them on children too
| #StopTorture #Israel #Palestine

A child victim of torture Israel – Islam Tamimi – Nabi Saleh 

Stone cold justice: Illegal detention and torture of Palestinian Children …

B’Tselem: Palestinian children tortured to force confession

Worldwide headlines when 1 pees on a dead. But Global Silence about Israeli torture by forcing kids to drink urine:

American curators are cowards when it comes to political art,” says Palestinian artist (Sarah Irving, The Electronic Intifada)

Egyptian army blow up 2 underground tunnels

Egypt infected by mad Israeli wall disease

Baqwaas and wishful thinking at Maariv:
“Negotiation breaks  third uprising”

While Israel LOOTS Palestine’s natural assets:
Venezuela, Palestine sign oil deal

Daily zionist pogrom update: Army Invades Three Towns Near Hebron

Zahar : settlements will be homes for Palestinian refugees after liberation

That “Woody Sez” who comes16:30 today to perform in the Lehavim Juncture for the rights of the Un-recognized villages

While MSM floods u with nonsense about ‘peace-negotiations’  #Israel hopes you forget
The #Palhunger strikers

From 1990: The Right to Unite: The Family Reunification Question in the Occupied Palestine: Law and Practice

Law forbidding Palestinian family reunification extended

Read all about #Israel’s policies of
| Residency and Family separation

#PalHunger | Palestinian prisoners suspend their hunger strike in solidarity with Abu Sisi

Letter: Bedouin have been opposing Prawer-Begin plan

Israel to turn historic mosque into synagogue

Israel’s To Introduce Racially Segregated Schools Next Week: …

Jerusalem Child Forced Under House Arrest

Family of kidnapped Palestinian journalist appeals for help | @Pressfreedom @RSF_RWB

Head of Islamic bloc to visit Palestine

Obama’s Plan of Attack for Syria …


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