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Abbas’s militia gloats about kidnapping a Qassam commander

Next Time on the High Seas: Netanyahu’s Options

Ashkenazi with IOF troops storm Yusuf’s tomb

Haneyya stresses rejection of occupation’s “alternative homeland plan”

Israeli troops attack anti-wall protesters

Bourini: International silence encourages settlers’ assaults

Jewish settlers confiscate Palestinian land in Toubas

Ramallah Online: Bil’in female protester in critical condition from tear gas inhalation

Lawrence of Cyberia: As Always, For The New Year

Aleiorio: AUGURI

Stop Raping Palestine: Boycott “Israel”,Boycott Apartheid

Palestine Video: Gaza hosts photo exhibition

مدونة شامخ: فيديو رائع لتبدأ به عام 2011 – أنا بطل

مدونة شامخ: ماذا تعلمت في 2010 !!

Palestine Video: Reporter’s File-Palestinian Bedouins-12-30-2010-(Part1)

Palestine Video: Reality Check-2010: Year in Review-12-29-2010

Palestine Video: North Texas BDS Protest AHAVA at Arlington Highlands Ulta 11/6/10

Palestine Video: Daily Life in Hebron: Israeli soldiers and settlers harassment of Al-Azzeh family members

guerrilla radio: Fine 2010: continua l’escalation di attacchi israeliani ai civili di Gaza.


من غــزة: أحداث 2010 بالصور

ei: Israel forces Palestinians to demolish their own homes « 63 Years Occupation is Enough |

An Open Letter from Gaza: Two Years after the Massacre, a Demand for Justice « Never Cast Lead Again

More than half Palestinians live in the Diaspora at the end of 2010

Israel denies detainees lawyer

Report: Israel allocates $564 million to settlements

Who profits

Palestine Daily

Fayyad attends ‘Last Day of the Wall’ protest

PA forces say ‘wanted’ Hamas member detained

Five Palestinians Arrested During Night Raids in the West Bank

Living the Palestine pipe dream

Protesters in Bil’in Remove Parts of Israel’s Wall, Troops Critically Injuries A civilian

Soldiers Use Tear Gas to Suppress Anti-Wall Protests in the West Bank

Cairo Refrains from Issuing Visa for Iranian Members of Gaza-Bound Convoy

Israel Release Hamas Deputy Bassam Al-Za”areer

How Zionist lobby shapes UK politics

Village pleads for electricity, water,7340,L-4007221,00.html

Arabs to go to UN against Jewish settlements

Dahlan faces partial boycott of press conference

The Enemy Within

Abbas: Draft to Condemn Israeli Settlements Designed to Win US Support

PCBS: Arab majority in ‘historic Palestine’

Israel is the target of at least 65 UN Resolutions and the Palestinians are the target of none.

Russia FM: Israeli Settlement Actions Main Obstacle for Peace Process

A’arouri: circle of hunger-strikers in W. Bank jails might be expanded

Gaza PM meets representative of the Jordanian Chief of Staff

Haneyya government opens first secondary school for the blind in Gaza

Listen to Our Voice!

P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: The British Foreign Policy towards the Palestinian Issue with Special Reference to Resolution 242


Ramallah Online: Hope in 2011: Peoples, Civil Society Stand Tall

Gaza The Martyred

Israel to compensate PA for Paz fuel theft scandal

Unexplained recorders behind arrest of US national at Rafah

Gaza Wakfs Minister Condemns Israeli Crimes

Offshore Gas Reserves: Big Gas Find Sparks a Frenzy in Israel

Haneyya urges the release of Journalists detained in W. Bank jails

Collaborator PA works to undercut Palestinian rights, Int’l law by pushing UN draft using weak US language on settlements

Gaza crossings close

Lowkey – Long Live Palestine (Lyrics)

Annie’s letters: Palestinian leader wants US backing in UN proposal


Shin Bet warns of Hamas attack despite quiet 2010

Debate over blockade in Gaza rages on

Additional €31 Million from EU to Support PA Drive to Build State institutions

Hamas says new cabinet shuffle proceeds

Israeli Troops Arrest Seven Overnight, Allegedly Beat Woman

Settlers to Receive 3,160 Shekels Each for “Security Expenses” in 2011

PressTV – ‘US will veto Palestinian draft in UN’ | V I D E O

Islamic Jihad Refuses To Participate In New Gaza Government

Settler and Military Violence Escalates in South Hebron Hills

Arabs to go to UN against Jewish settlements

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