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CNN broadcaster fired after telling fact about Jews


Al Qassam website-Pro-Israel channel, CNN, has fired on Friday its high-profile anchor Rick  Sanchez after telling real fact about Jews.

During radio interview, sanchez has exposed the biased CNN TV channel as saying “Jews run CNN and are not a minority”.

Biased CNN says that anchor Rick Sanchez has been fired, a day after he called celebrated “fake news” anchor Jon Stewart a bigot while on a radio show.

Sanchez said on a satellite radio program Thursday that Stewart is bigoted toward everybody else that’s not like him. The Comedy Central Daily Show host has frequently poked fun at Sanchez on the air.

Also in the interview, Sanchez had mocked a suggestion that Jews are a minority. Stewart, born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, is Jewish.

A website that reports on U.S. media, writes that Sanchez claimed that American news networks are run by Jews, and that therefore American Jews cannot experience anti-Jewish prejudice.

Mediate quoted Sanchez as saying: “I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah [sarcastically]… I can’t see somebody not getting a job somewhere because they’re Jewish.”

In the interview Mr. Sanchez, who is Cuban-American, repeatedly suggested that he had experienced subtle forms of discrimination in his television career.

He said that “a lot of elite Northeast establishment liberals” viewed him as someone “who belongs in the second tier and not the top tier.”

No doubt, people like Sanchez are a lot, and are able to tell the truth that should be so long told to let all people know that CNN is biased and works in favor of Israeli occupation.

Not enough, but CNN always turns the facts upside down to deceive Western people who came to a conclusion that CNN and its sisters disfigures facts for its own dirty purposes.

CNN and its sisters, bbc, fox news, etc, trys for example, to equalize the victim with the victimizer, the oppressed with the oppressors.

Palestinian issue is a good example for CNN and its sisters to disfigure and turn the facts upside down as a dirty mission, they always show that Palestinians are oppressors and they deserve punishment by Israel, the so kind and tolerant state.!?.

Their dirty mission here, is to dark the image of Palestinians by introducing them for the Western people as terrorists who deserve death.

How come the victim is a victimizer.? And how Israel, the state of terror is introduced as oppressed, while it has very strong arsenal, highly trained army, armored tanks, developed air forces in addition to ambiguous nuclear arms.

In the other side, Palestinians who have nothing to do with Israeli attacks, not more than to fight back with stones, light weapons like AK47s and homemade projectiles which are inefficient compared to Israeli destructive weapons, are introduced as oppressors.

CNN and its sisters should instead respect the minds of peoples, especially Western people who are in need for truth about Palestine and its oppressed people.

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