Palestine Monitor Factsheet – Our Factbook online

The 2009 Factbook is a Reference Guide for Negotiators, Researchers and Civil Society Leaders Concerned with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The Factbook is being released in hardcopy, in sections and full version online, to coincide with the one year anniversary of the Annapolis Peace Process launched in November of 2007. The topics discussed within are the economy, the plight of Palestinian children, refugees, prisoners and torture, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, Settlements, Checkpoints and Movement Restrictions, the Wall, Water and Non Violence.

Each section has been thoroughly researched and referenced to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available from only the most credible sources.

The aim of our hard work is to make your research and advocacy on behalf of the Palestinian cause easier and more accurate. We encourage you to go to our site to download our factsheets and disperse them as widely as possible.

In this most controversial of topics in international relations, Palestine Monitor hopes to arm you with the facts.

PDF - 4.4 Mb
Factbook – Online version
Download the designed factbook version -including references and endnotes- factsheet for screen reading and printing

Palestine Monitor Factsheet – Our Factbook online.

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