Palestinians to rebuild homes under Libya’s funding: UN officials

02/10/2010 22:43:00
Homeless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip would soon get money enough to build 1,250 houses with Libya’s funding, an official with a UN humanitarian agency said Thursday.

Libya granted five million U.S. dollars to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and each of the 1250 family would get 10,000 dollars to start building their homes which were destroyed Israel’s aggression on the Palestinian people in Gaza in Dec. 2009, Adnan Abu Hassna, a spokesman for UNRWA said.

The Libyan grant is part of an undeclared compromise between Israel, Libya and Egypt, reached after Israeli navy stopped a Gaza- bound Libyan aid ship, chartered by the Gaddafi Foundation.

The deal has succeeded to enable Libya to fund reconstruction projects through the UNRWA.

Though Israel eased Gaza blockade after huge criticism, it still prevents some important construction materials like iron and cement from being shipped to Gaza. Only international organizations could bring in raw materials for their projects.

Abu Hassna said that the accomplishment of the rebuilding projects depends on the quantity of materials available from Israel and the future funding.

During the three-week military aggression launched by Israeli army between Dec. 2008 and Jan. 2009, thousands of houses in Gaza were completely destroyed and tens of thousands of others suffered various levels of damage.

Palestinians to rebuild homes under Libya’s funding: UN officials.

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