Shin Bet at loss after counter-espionage campaign in Gaza

[ 02/10/2010 – 02:26 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– A Palestinian security source said that a state of confusion prevails inside Israel’s internal security Shin Bet after the Palestinian security apparatuses successfully eliminated its network of spies in the Gaza Strip and confiscated electronic gadgets used for intelligence activities.

The source added, according to Quds Press, that this security achievement made the picture for Israel blurry and unclear regarding the size of damage inflicted on its spy activities in Gaza, especially after it lost contact with a large number of its agents.

He pointed out that the Shin Bet wants to know the names of its spies who were arrested in order to rearrange its papers after it received this big hit, affirming that the internal security in Gaza worked in a carefully-planned way that blocked Israel from identifying its agents captured lately.

The source confirmed that among the spies, there are highly educated persons and well-known figures, but their names would not be revealed before they stand trial, noting that a number of them are involved in killing a lot of resistance fighters in Gaza.

The Palestinian minister of interior in Gaza held recently a news conference to disclose the results of its counter-espionage campaign which started several months ago.

Shin Bet at loss after counter-espionage campaign in Gaza.

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