Egypt to issue decision over entry of Gaza-bound Lifeline 5 convoy

[ 03/10/2010 – 11:15 AM ]

LATAKIA, (PIC)– The spokesman for the British Viva Paletina’s fifth convoy to Gaza, dubbed “Lifeline 5”, said efforts are being made with the Egyptian government to allow the convoy to transit through the country.

The fleet was staged after rising sympathy from international activists and civil society organizations for the Palestinians after the Israeli navy’s lethal attack against international sympathizers on board the Freedom Flotilla.

Lifeline 5 media spokesman and member Zahir al-Beirawi told the Palestinian Information Center that he hopes Egypt will issue its decision to allow the convoy to transit through its country to Gaza within the next two days.

Beirawi added in a statement he gave on Saturday that the convoy will set out by sea carrying humanitarian aid to El Arish port within a few days, and will then trek by land to the Rafah border crossing point.

Syria will be its last stop before setting sail to El Arish port. From there the convoy will deliver the medical and humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Lifeline 5 landed in Syria from Europe after transiting through Turkey and touring the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri and Adana.

The convoy landed midnight Sunday in Syria where it will meet with reinforcements before departing on Oct. 7 for the Egyptian El Arish port.

The European sector of the convoy, consisting of 50 buses and 100 activists from several European countries, will meet Sunday morning in Syria with another 56 Algerian activists leading 40 buses of humanitarian aid.

Beirawi said that on Monday an Arab wing will join the convoy from Jordan, Gulf countries, and Lebanon, in 55 buses of humanitarian aid. Jordan will provide 40 buses and Gulf organizations will provide another 15.

Egypt to issue decision over entry of Gaza-bound Lifeline 5 convoy.

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