Haneyya: The next round of talks the real test for reconciliation

[ 03/10/2010 – 05:57 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haneyya said the real test for the latest inter-Palestinian reconciliation efforts will be the next round of dialogue.

The premier added that setting a date for the talks and a concrete breakthrough in security issues would “place us in front of the step to signing” the Egyptian proposal for Palestinian reconciliation and open the door for a practical program for agreements.

Haneyya warned on Sunday that a slowdown in picking a date for the talks and a standstill in security issues would have a negative effect on the talks.

The premier praised the PLO executive committee’s decision to suspend peace talks, calling it “a good step”, but added that the move “must be followed by steps that ensure the decision is not a tactic.”

The Palestinian leader stressed that security measures against Hamas supporters in the West Bank must be stopped, and the political prisoners must be released.

For his part, Hamas leader Dr. Ismail Radwan said the Palestinian reconciliation has become “closer than ever”, while stressing that his movement insists that accords must be achieved based on preserving Palestinian rights.

“Hamas has been ready for reconciliation for a long time, but it wants a reconciliation based on commitment to Palestinian rights and constants, protection of Palestinian sacrifices, and restoration of the dignity and pride of all Palestinians,” Radwan commented.

Radwan refused to address the security issue, but said he was hopeful that efforts to produce a formula that guarantees the reconstruction of Palestine’s security force and bans political imprisonment would be successful.

A second meeting between Fatah and Hamas is scheduled to be held this week in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

In a similar context, Hamas representatives in Ramallah said the continued arrest and torture campaign against Hamas and Islamic movement supporters throughout the West Bank is a “desperate and failed attempt” by the Palestinian security establishment in the West Bank to subdue resistance movement factions.

The MPs said in a statement they gave Sunday that the campaign of arrests and outrageous court verdicts against Hamas supporters that continue in light of talks over national dialogue that could lead to an end of division in Palestine prove that the Palestinian security establishment is bent on undermining national unity.

Haneyya: The next round of talks the real test for reconciliation.

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