Hamas MP denounces security militias for storming his home

[ 04/10/2010 – 05:59 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Hamas MP Mohammed Al-Tal denounced the security militias, loyal to de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, for storming his home earlier on Monday and kidnapping his brother Rami.

He said in a press release that the campaign of arrests, which escalated at a time reconciliation efforts were flourishing, indicate that those security apparatuses were working against the interests of the Palestinian people.

The lawmaker described those militias’ practices as “suspicious”, and could not be separated from what the Israeli occupation was doing. He charged that the militias, with such practices, were serving occupation and implementing its schemes.

Tal asked all Palestinian factions and human rights groups to firmly stand up to such practices, which humiliates citizens and their steadfastness”.

The MP warned that Fatah was showing the Israelis that it could forge national unity, describing its step (in apparently heading toward reconciliation) as “tactical” and not a strategic option.

Hamas MP denounces security militias for storming his home.

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