Photography | I Resist The Occupation (2) By Ahmad Mesleh

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This is the Second part of a group of albums i will post that represents the Palestinian Resistance against the apartheid wall, those pictures taken in Ni’lin town west of Ramallah, by the eye of Palestine Ahmad Mesleh.

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The Story behind the Photographer:Ahmad Mesleh

Born in Amman out of their home land for more than 25 years, his family used to visit Palestine for three months in the summer vacation.
Ahmad lived and grown up out of his homeland Palestine. Year by year and when he used to see the struggle of Palestinian people on the love and the feeling in Ahmad heart increased to the lands of heroes and the question was on his tongue all the time how I can do as them? How I can fight and fight? When I will back home?.

The Dream achieved and Ahmad back home in 1999 to the west bank to his homeland and to his lovely Town Ni’lin

In 2000 the second Intifada became for all Palestinians a real struggle also for Ahmad who used to walk for hours through mountains to bypass the occupying forces, lost relatives in Balata Camp.

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Download Ahmad Mesleh’s Life Story

Ahmad started the Photography in August, 2009, after he got a digital camera as a gift from his friend Iman from Canada, he started covering the activities of the volunteers of the Red crescents during the demonstration in the his town, day by day his photography became better and better, Ahmad recognized that there is a need to change the camera for many reasons, to increase the quality of the pictures and to take more professional work.

Give Ahmad Mesleh a Chance to Forfill his Dream

As a young struggling photographer trying to tell the world what his eyes see and what his heart feels. Through his photos, he tries to show the world what life under occupation is like. Right now, he doesn’t have a professional camera, He usually tries to borrow one. However, this means that most of the time, he does not have a camera and loose many opportunities to make great pictures.

Ahmad forcing many difficulties in his photography:

  • He doesn’t have his own cameras or equipments to give more professional work.
  • He doesn’t belong to any agencies and he works freelance and without any formal journalist or photographer cards.
  • He doesn’t have the suitable dress that protects his body from any shot even he was injured twice before during the demos against the Israeli apartheid wall.

If you want to help Ahmad and support him covering real photo coverage from Palestine

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