Bardawil calls on upcoming Arab summit to end peace talks

[ 06/10/2010 – 02:42 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas leader Salah Bardawil called on an upcoming special Arab summit next Saturday in Libya to denounce the PA’s  “pointless” peace talks with Israel.

Bardawil said in a press statement that he was hopeful that the Arab summit would result in a resolution to end the talks, saying: “We hope Arab leaders will either stand by the Palestinian people in their resistance against the occupation or lift the lid on negotiations, and respect our sentiments and our cause, and not continue to give a cover for the negotiating party to continue in these absurd and deceiving negotiations against our fate and our rights.”

Bardawil also revealed an upcoming meeting between Hamas and Fatah to finalize agreements over security issues and to sign a document for inter-Palestinian understandings before going to Cairo to sign the Egyptian paper.

“There will be an upcoming meeting between Hamas and Fatah leaders this October 20 in Damascus to discuss remaining security issues after agreeing on a committee to form elections and the Election Tribunal, and restructuring the security services as requested by Hamas,” the Hamas leader said.

“One point relating to the security issue remains, and has been postponed at the request of the Fatah movement to be presented to President Mahmoud Abbas,” he added.

“To us, reconciliation is a strategic goal. We want to end division and unite in the face of the occupation, which no longer occupies the land alone, but has begun burning mosques and assaulting Palestinians daily”

“To stop the absurd negotiation process, we reach our hand out to save Fatah from the political drunkenness in which it lives.”

Bardawil calls on upcoming Arab summit to end peace talks.

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