Hammad: Israel tried to decoy students into working as spies

[ 05/10/2010 – 03:24 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian minister of interior Fathi Hammad stated Tuesday that the Israeli occupation made failed attempts to lure students into working as informers against the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

During a visit to different schools and universities in Gaza this morning, Hammad warned that the Israeli occupation intelligence contacts students in Gaza to obtain information about the Palestinian resistance fighters and their activities.

He urged the students during his tour to be adherent to Islam and stay away from immoral acts and suspicious contacts with Israeli parties.

The minister highlighted in another context the importance of scientific research, saying that all nations spend 40 percent of their national income to support researchers while the Arab countries earmark only one percent of their income in this field.

“Whoever wants to be in the lead of all civilizations, he should take over the reins of strength whose most important pillars are the Islamic faith and then the possession of worldly potentials,” the minister said addressing some of the students he met.

Hammad: Israel tried to decoy students into working as spies.

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