Gov’t warns of repercussions of bringing resistance fighters to courts

[ 07/10/2010 – 10:02 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya warned of the dire consequences that would result from the imprisonment sentences issued against a number of resistance fighters by the Palestinian Authority’s courts in the West Bank.

In its weekly cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the government said that the prison sentences issued against Palestinian resistance fighters by kangaroo courts are legally invalid and signal that the PA is unwilling to end the division in the Palestinian arena.

It strongly denounced the security meetings taking place between PA officials and Israeli officers, saying these meetings provide Israeli war criminals with a political cover rather than having them prosecuted in international courts.

The government called on the Arab League to respect the Palestinian consensus which rejects the peace talks with Israel and refrain from giving the PA the green light for its negotiations that have detrimental impacts on the Palestinian cause.

The government also deplored the settlers’ attacks on West Bank mosques and the Judaization activities in occupied Jerusalem, and considered them as part of the war on Islam.

In the same context, Hamas lawmaker Imad Nofal condemned the unjust imprisonment decisions which were taken against resistance fighters in the West Bank.

Nofal, in a statement on Wednesday, said that holding Kangaroo trials against a number of resistance fighters at this time proved that Fatah faction has no good faith towards the national reconciliation and insists on serving the Israeli occupation’s interests.

For its part, Friends of Humanity organization demanded de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his premier Salam Fayyad to intervene personally and have prisoner Mohamed Al-Khatib released from their jails.

The organization affirmed that the PA intelligence apparatus refuses to release him, although the Palestinian high court issued a decision on August 30, 2010 ordering it to release him immediately.

Friends of Humanity also called on Abbas and Fayyad to necessarily work on preserving the rule of law, ending the injustice inflicted on prisoner Khatib and ensuring that he is not exposed to any physical abuse or psychological pressure.

It noted that the testimonies and reports it has collected since 1993 about the maltreatment and torture of prisoners in PA jails and the many deaths that happened in them raised its fears over the safety of Khatib.

For its part, the Palestinian center for human rights castigated the arrest of Quds Press reporter Salim Tayeh days ago, saying that his arrest was a blatant violation against freedom of expression and freedom of the press guaranteed by the Palestinian constitution and the international law.

The center said that PA officers in the preventive security apparatus interrogated Tayeh about the nature of his journalistic work and the interviews he had conducted with Hamas officials before releasing him last Monday.

The center expressed its deep concern about the violations committed by the PA security apparatuses against freedoms in the West Bank and called for necessarily providing protection for journalists and media outlets.

In a recent incident, the PA security militias kidnapped ex-detainee in Israeli jails Omar Al-Barghouthi, 55, from Kobar town in Ramallah city. He is the elder brother of dean of Palestinian prisoners Nael Al-Barghouthi and the cousin of prisoner Fakhri Al-Barghouthi.

Gov’t warns of repercussions of bringing resistance fighters to courts.

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