Minister calls on Arabs to ‘save Palestinian women’

[ 07/10/2010 – 08:41 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Minister of Prisoners Affairs in Palestine Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul directed an urgent appeal to Arab countries to save Palestinian women from Israeli terrorism, saying: “Where is the Arab pride that should be moved over what happens to Palestinian women.”

Media broadcasted a few days back an Israeli soldier dancing to music around a cuffed and blindfolded Palestinian woman forced to face a wall.

Ghoul said in a speech he gave at a sit-in tent at the ministry headquarters Thursday morning attended by hundreds of ministers, PLC member, prisoners’ families, trade union leaders, and organizations: “This dreaded soldier deserves to brag and dance and do anything as long as there is no one to tell him: enough, and as long as jealousy and Arabism does not stir in the blood of the Arabs and the Muslims.”

Ghoul said the clip was only a fraction of Israel’s assaults against male and female prisoners.

He added that he was astonished over comments made over the video by Israeli authorities, who described  the victim Ihsan Dababisa as a terrorist.

“Who is the terrorist? The one ho stands alone an, bound, blindfolded, his face against the wall, or the one happily dances and sings at the abduction of a weak woman?” he said.

Minister calls on Arabs to ‘save Palestinian women’.

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