Bahar calls on Abbas to stop security teamwork with Israel

[ 09/10/2010 – 08:29 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– PLC first deputy speaker Dr. Ahmed Bahar called on Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas to make “a daring national resolution to stop security cooperation with Israel before it’s to late”.

He said in a statement on Friday: “To continue to engage in security cooperation with Israel poses a national crime by all standards, and leads to dangerous effects and results.”

Bahar blamed Abbas, the PA, and its security forces for the assassination operation against Nashaat al-Karmi and Maamoun al-Natsha in Al-Khalil because of security coordination with Israel.

The PLC leader said the PA was absent during and after the assassination and did not stop Israeli forces from carrying it out.

Abbas continues to discuss peace with Israel and has not yet pulled out of the talks despite ongoing violations on Israel’s part against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Bahar added.

Informed sources in the PA security forces in the West Bank said a number of relatives of the murder victims, who were killed Friday morning in Al-Khalil, are still in PA detention.

The source told the PIC that the PA security militia still detains 11 of Natsha’s relatives. Natsha himself was previously detained and tortured by the militia.

Several of Natsha’s brothers were arrested by PA security to obtain information on his whereabouts. A group of Karmi’s relatives, including his wife’s father, are still being held.

The sources said the detainees were subjected to harsh investigations to force out information that would ease access to Karmi and Natsha after Fatah had learned of their ties to the heroic operation in Al-Khalil that left four Israeli settlers dead.

PLC speaker Dr. Aziz al-Dweik called on Fatah to immediately release the detainees and consider the anger of people throughout Palestine resulting from their relatives’ murder.

The PA militia mobilized during the Friday payers in several cities in the West Bank for fear of demonstrations against the Karmi and Natsha assassinations.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the PA militia patrolling around West Bank mosques heavily armed with weapons licensed by Israel.

The witnesses added that the security forces were in a state of alert in preparation to crack down on mass anger movements over the Al-Khalil assassination.

The militia issued dozens of summonses against Hamas supporters who attended the funeral of Maamoun al-Natsha.

A PIC reporter in Al-Khalil said a big PA security force was deployed in southern Al-Khalil and searched for funeral attendants. Elements from the militia appeared at the funeral to take down names of attendees.

Bahar calls on Abbas to stop security teamwork with Israel.

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