Haneyya gov’t urges int’l community to stop Israeli crimes against its people

[ 09/10/2010 – 08:51 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian government chaired by Ismail Haneyya in Gaza appealed to the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and break its silence towards the Israeli occupation state’s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

This appeal was made on Friday evening by its spokesman Taher Al-Nunu who commented on the Israeli military assault in Al-Khalil city that happened on the same day at dawn and resulted in the death of two resistance fighters, the arrest of at least 10 Palestinian citizens, and the demolition of one house.

The government also accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of being involved in what happened in Al-Khalil city, saying that the PA security apparatuses provided the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) with information about the resistance fighters in the context of their joint security cooperation.

For its part, Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, held both the Israeli occupation and the PA in Ramallah city fully responsible for the assassination of two of its fighters Nash’at Karmi and Mamoun Al-Natsheh.

In a communiqué, the Brigades stated that the slain fighters had been pursued by both the IOF and the PA security militias since the resistance operation in Al-Khalil city that led to the death of a number of settlers, vowing to avenge their death soon.

In this context, tens of thousands of Palestinians participated in marches in Khan Younis and Rafah areas in the Gaza Strip on Friday evening to demand Al-Qassam Brigades and the other armed wings of resistance factions to strongly retaliate to the Israeli crime in Al-Khalil city.

In Khan Younis, senior Hamas official Salah Al-Bardawil said in a speech before the angry protesters that the Palestinian resistance would continue against the Israeli occupation despite all attempts to eliminate it, and called on the Arab countries to stop giving its approval for the peace talks between the PA and Israel and respect the Palestinian people’s will.

Bardawil accused the PA security apparatuses of providing the IOF with information that eased the assassination of the two resistance fighters, and affirmed that the PA and the IOF would soon hear about the emergence of new resistance cells in the West Bank.

The crime of killing two resistance fighters in Al-Khalil city was also strongly denounced by Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank.

In a statement on Friday, the lawmakers stressed that this incident entails a united stand against all traitors and defeatists who conspired against the Palestinian people and their national cause.

“The Israeli occupation would not have been able to go too far in its arrogance and savageness if it had not found some people paving the way for it and killing the chances for our people to repel and stop its schemes, especially after the security coordination with the Zionists, the protection of settlers, and the pursuit of resistance fighters,” the lawmakers added.

Haneyya gov’t urges int’l community to stop Israeli crimes against its people.

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