Qardawi calls on Arab leaders to withdraw their peace initiative

[ 10/10/2010 – 11:14 AM ]


DOHA, (PIC)– Dr. Yousef Al-Qardawi, the chairman of the international union of Muslim scholars, has urged the Arab leaders meeting in Libya to withdraw their peace initiative and to support resistance against Israeli occupation.

Qardawi, addressing the Friday congregation in the Qatari capital, asked the Arab heads of state to listen to their peoples and to shoulder their responsibilities towards national issues topped by the Palestine cause.

Independence is not attained by “begging”, the Sheikh said, describing such a situation as “going against the norms of history”.

He asked de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas “how could you go to negotiations with no weapons in your support then expect them to grant you independence just like that”.

The renowned Muslim propagator called on the Arab leaders not to follow what America tells them because it does not give them anything in the end.

Qardawi calls on Arab leaders to withdraw their peace initiative.

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