Barghouthi: Peace talks amid settlement activity an illusion

[ 11/10/2010 – 01:05 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative MP Mustafa Barghouthi voiced outrage against Israeli settlers who looted large quantities of olives in Qalqaliya and Nablus under protection of Israeli forces.

“The freehand the settlers have confirms that there is no security unless settlements and settlers are swept away form the Palestinian territories,” Bargouthi said, calling for national campaigns to aid Palestinians in the vicinity of the apartheid wall and settlements to harvest their olives and stop the lootings by extremist settlers.

“In the shadow of settler presence on the Palestinian land, talks about peace or stability is only an illusion,” he added.

He went on to say that Zionist racism permeates through the Israeli government and society, referring to the amendment to Israel’s loyalty law, which forces non-Jewish residents who want Israeli citizenship to pledge allegiance to Israel as a “Jewish state”.

In other incidents, hundreds of settlers assaulted in the Bethlehem town of Al Khadir on Sunday morning farmers who were working on the reclamation of land near the Daniel settlement in south Bethlehem.

Israeli soldiers, police, and elements from the civil administration appeared and hampered Palestinian farmers’ work and ordered the laborers to go to the civil administration headquarters.

The settlers threatened the famers to prevent them by force if they did not cease working.

The Ghunaim family had in their possession papers to confirm their ownership of the land from the time of the British Mandate and the Jordanian rule.

The attempt was not the first by settlers to frustrate the farmers’ work on the land. The property is split in the vicinity of four settlements: Navi Daniel, Migdal Oz, Efrat, and Beitar.

In a separate development, Israelis from the Maskiot settlement in the northern Jordan Valley in Tubas began excavation works on a vast piece of land adjacent to a new building in the eastern region of the settlement, eyewitnesses said Monday morning.

The settlers were working on leveling the sloped land to erect new buildings to expand the settlement, the witnesses added.

Settlers began a month back completing the previous stage of construction which began during Israel’s alleged settlement freeze, in which Israelis built foundations for houses in the settlement.

Barghouthi: Peace talks amid settlement activity an illusion.

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