Haneyya calls for unified media strategy in response to Israeli occupation

[ 11/10/2010 – 08:41 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haneyya said it is urgent that Arab and Islamic states take serious steps towards building a unified media strategy, calling the media an important part in coping with Arab challenges and foreign intervention.

He said during a video conference speech he gave to the fourth meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab and Islamic Radio and Television Federation in Tehran that success in the media battle enhances the chance for success in other battles, particularly  in providing stability, progressing in development, and countering injustice.

“We see with great satisfaction a constellation of Arab and Islamic satellite channels and radio stations that have taken a leading role in defending [our people’s] causes, particularly the Palestinian cause,” Haneyya said.

He said despite the fog surrounding the Arab-Islamic arena, there are several signs of victory, such as the ability of Arab and Islamic resistance movements to counter the occupation of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and to free the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon from the Israeli military.

“This meeting comes in the shadow of Israel’s continued judaization and occupation of Jerusalem and its construction of settlements in the West Bank, its uprooting of the Palestinians from the holy city and deporting them to the outside, concealing terrorism and crimes with the failed negotiations project, and [in the shadow of] America’s false promises about peace, rights, and a Palestinian state without credibility on the ground.”

Haneyya ended his speech stressing the need for the Arab and Islamic Radio and Television Federation to form a unified strategy to confront Israeli media, particularly in the arenas that provide the main support for Israel’s strategy in the media and politics.

Haneyya calls for unified media strategy in response to Israeli occupation.

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