Lifeline 5 convoy geared to set sail to Gaza, awaits okay from Egypt

[ 10/10/2010 – 04:50 PM ]


LATAKIA, (PIC)– The Lifeline 5 convoy lead by former MP George Galloway is geared to move out from the Latakia port in Syria to the Egyptian Al Arish port.

The convoy’s supervisors expect Egyptian authorities to decide later on today whether they will allow the convoy to dock at the Al Arish port before crossing over to the Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian aid.

Egypt had previously banned the convoy because of a deportation ruling against George Galloway sometime back. Efforts have been made to push the Egyptian government to let the fleet transit through the country.

Lifeline 5 spokesman Zahir Beirawi said Sunday that the ship’s cargo of humanitarian aid has been packed and is fully ready to set sail.

He said the convoy has included 140 buses. He confirmed earlier on Saturday that all information requested by the Egyptian government has been submitted to the Egyptian embassy in Damascus, which has promised to make a timely response to their appeal.

Despite an overwhelming optimistic atmosphere after a meeting between the Egyptian ambassador and the convoy’s leaders, Beirawi said he is concerned Egyptian authorities will delay giving the convoy the green light.

He said if the request was rejected, widespread frustration could erupt among the international activists, and an atmosphere of conflict may rise between Lifeline members and Egypt.

The convoy consists of 140 buses loaded with 5 million pounds Sterling worth of medical equipment, educational supplies, and food. On board are 385 activists from 30 countries, who include a large number of politicians, trade union leaders, and charitable organization officials.

Lifeline 5 convoy geared to set sail to Gaza, awaits okay from Egypt.

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