PA security spokesman holds Hamas responsible for death of its fighters

[ 11/10/2010 – 01:21 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Security spokesman for the Palestinian authority Adnan Al-Dhameri exonerated the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and the PA security forces of the assassination of two Palestinian resistance fighters in Al-Khalil city on Friday and rather held Hamas Movement responsible for their death.

Dhameri claimed that Hamas is responsible for their death because it let the Shin Bet penetrate into its ranks and thus liquidate its wanted men.

Fatah lawmaker Hosam Khader, for his part, expressed his dismay to see Fatah cadres who joined security apparatuses in the West Bank arrest Palestinian resistance fighters without feeling sorry for that because they believe that the fighters thwart the peace process.

Haaretz newspaper described in a report on Sunday the assassination of the two fighters as a common interest for both Israel and the PA and hailed the role of Fatah security apparatuses in helping Israel to find the cell responsible for the resistance operation that happened last month in the same city (Al-Khalil).

Two writers for Haaretz newspaper Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff said on Sunday that no one should be surprised to hear about the Israeli military operation in Al-Khalil if he is a good follower of the security cooperation between the PA forces and the Israeli army as well as the joint operations that were carried out by both sides in the past three years.

They said that both Israel and the PA had an interest in assassinating Al-Qassam fighters in Al-Khalil city swiftly.

In a separate incident, nine Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas were kidnapped by the PA security militias in the cities of Tulkarem and Nblus, according to local sources on Monday.

PA security spokesman holds Hamas responsible for death of its fighters.

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