PNN – Israeli Unit Dresses in Women’s Clothes to Capture 4 Boys in Silwan

12.10.10 – 09:48

Jerusalem – Maysa Abu Ghazala – A unit of Israeli musta’arabeen (Israeli soldiers dressed as Arabs) captured four boys in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan last night.
Suleiman Abduh Sayyam, age 10, was injured by a sound bomb and a rubber bullet to his leg during a confrontation that broke out in the village, but not arrested.
Eyewitnesses in the Be’er Ayyub neighborhood recount that a unit of Israeli musta’arabeen captured the boys by dressing in street clothes, some with long women’s hair. After capturing the boys, they put on their police caps.
The captured boys were Jihad Zeitoun, 12, Ayhab Shouiki, 11, Biha’ al-Rajbi, 12, and Muhammad Mufid Mansour, 13, all taken to the Israeli compound.
The confrontation spanned from Wadi al-Ribab neighborhood to Be’er Ayyub, where the youths found the main street closed off and began to throw stones at the Israeli forces. The soldiers responded by throwing sound bombs and tear gas and shooting rubber bullets.
Police also raided the home of Umran Mansour, age 8, in Be’er Ayyub and took his family in for interrogation.
Last night, police also arrested 17-year-old Simah Maher Sirhan, the nephew of resistance fighter Samir Sirhan, in the neighborhood of Batan al-Huwa in Silwan, to hold him for three days.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Israeli Unit Dresses in Women’s Clothes to Capture 4 Boys in Silwan.

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