Egypt sets new conditions for entry of Lifeline 5 convoy

[ 13/10/2010 – 10:29 AM ]


LATTAKIA, (PIC)– Egyptian authorities have taken back a promise to ease entry of the Lifeline 5 convoy set to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Egypt has now set new terms prohibiting some individuals and vehicles from entering the Gaza Strip.

Lifeline 5 spokesman Zaher Beirawi told news links accompanying the convoy on Monday night that the convoy’s leaders have positively come to terms with Egypt’s initial conditions banning the convoy’s captain George Galloway entry into Egyptian territory, but he said they were caught off guard by the new conditions.

Lifeline chiefs declined to confirm information they received discussing conditional approval over the convoy traveling to Gaza thorough Egypt’s Al Arish port, but said Egypt’s approval was implicit and not formal.

Beirawi said a delegation representing the convoy’s leaders will meet Tuesday with the Egyptian ambassador in Damascus to discuss the reason for the delay. The convoy leaders had already handed in a list of names, supplies, and cars to the Egyptian authorities, he added.

Informed sources in Latakia, Syria said Egyptian authorities expressed conditional approval of the Lifeline 5 convoy’s entry.

A PIC reporter said the conditions relate to some types of medicines and large trucks over which the convoy leaders requested entry, adding that Cairo has reservations on opening its borders to a number of members of the Lifeline 3 convoy.

Sources added that Turkey and Malaysia have made attempts to mediate in reaching an agreement between the convoy’s leaders and the Egyptian government.

PIC reporter in Cairo said six convoy members from Indonesia landed in the Egyptian city of Al Arish. Elements from Egyptian security are currently guarding them.

Foreign activists announced they will go on hunger strike on Wednesday to protest Egypt’s delay. Several sit-ins to protest Egypt’s stance will take place tomorrow throughout the European and Arab countries behind the convoy.

Egypt sets new conditions for entry of Lifeline 5 convoy.

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