Help Stop Anti-Semitism – Jews Against the Zionist Israeli Occupation in Palestine

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Jews Against the Zionist Israeli Occupation of Palestine

One of the primary causes of modern day Anti-Semitism is the brutal occupation by Zionists of Palestine. There is today a growing number of people of the Jewish faith that recognize that Zionism is in fact counter to the fundamental tenets of the Torah, genuine Judaism and against the principles stated by the ancient Hebrew named Moses. La Voz de Aztlan joins our many Jewish friends who recognize this fact.

Many of the most malevolent Zionists oppressing the Palestinian people in the Holy Land are in fact not of the ancient Hebrew stock. They are opportunist immigrants from Russia and Eastern Europe who converted to Judaism over 1,000 years ago for reasons of self-interest. Judaism has in many ways been hijacked by Zionism.

The Zionists of Israel are not just brutalizing Palestinians, they are also brutalizing genuine Jews. Zionists are not religious and hate Jews who are. This is one fact you will not read or hear in the USA mainstream news networks. The true Anti-Semites of the world are in fact the Zionists. Semitic peoples includes Palestinians and other groups in the Middle East.

The following photographs are of the Israeli Zionist Police brutalizing religious Jews:


Click on the following video to see religious Jews demonstrating against the State of Israel and Zionism:


La Voz de Aztlan stands against Anti-Semitism and any form of hate, xenophobia, racism and bigotry. We stand with our friends the genuine Jews and our many readers and subscribers of the Jewish faith.

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Help Stop Anti-Semitism – Jews Against the Zionist Israeli Occupation in Palestine.

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