Israeli bulldozers raze 40 Araqib homes for the sixth time

[ 13/10/2010 – 10:35 AM ]


NEGEV, (PIC)– The Israeli municipality teams tore down 40 Palestinian homes in the Araqib village in the Negev desert, occupied since 1948, on Wednesday under heavy police protection.

Locals said that the inhabitants appealed for support in face of their ordeal, describing the repeated demolition of their village homes as a reflection of “deep-rooted hatred”.

Israeli police and special forces blocked journalists from entering the village and forced them to park their cars two kilometers away.

Awad Abu Freih, a spokesman for the committee in defense of Araqib, said that the demolition teams “want to establish special plantations for Jews at the expense of the villagers”.

The Israeli municipality teams left the village after leveling it to the ground as a huge bulldozer on its way out destroyed a large placard carrying the name of the village.

Israeli bulldozers raze 40 Araqib homes for the sixth time.

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