Israeli military appeals court renews detention of Palestinian child

[ 13/10/2010 – 03:25 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The Israeli military court of appeals on Tuesday accepted a request by the Israeli military prosecution and annulled a preliminary military court verdict releasing a 15-year-old Palestinian boy.

Lawyer Jawad Buloos, the head of the Palestinian prisoners’ association’s legal unit, said that the case started on 27/9 when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Sayel Abu Quaider, 15, near his school in Al-Khalil after alleging he was throwing stones at the soldiers.

The boy denied the charge but a soldier testified that the boy threw one stone and based on this testimony he was arrested, Buloos added.

When Quaider was brought to court his face was bruised, the lawyer noted, adding that the soldier who arrested him dashed his face into a nearby wall.

An indictment was leveled against the boy after which the military prosecution demanded his detention until finalization of legal procedures against him but the judge at the preliminary military court ordered his release on 3/10 due to his young age and because he was injured during his arrest.

Israeli military appeals court renews detention of Palestinian child.

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