Lifeline organizers: We will sail to Arish next Friday

[ 13/10/2010 – 03:27 PM ]


LATAKIA, (PIC)– Organizers of the lifeline 5 aid convoy to the Gaza Strip would not stay for long in the Syrian port of Latakia and would set sail to Al-Arish in Egypt next Friday, the PIC reporter accompanying the convoy reported on Wednesday.

The development follows news that the Egyptian authorities had transferred six Indonesian activists from Al-Arish to Cairo.

Zaher Al-Beirawi, the spokesman for the convoy, revealed earlier that Cairo had backtracked on an earlier consent to the passage of the convoy to Gaza, noting that efforts had returned to the point where they started.

He said that Cairo put forward new conditions banning entry of certain names and big trucks.

He told reporters accompanying the convoy on Monday night that the organizers had positively responded to the Egyptian request of banning former British MP George Galloway from accompanying the convoy, but they were surprised at the new Egyptian conditions.

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Lifeline organizers: We will sail to Arish next Friday.

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