Ministry of justice warns of Israel’s citizenship law, loyalty oath

[ 13/10/2010 – 03:23 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian ministry of justice in Gaza warned that the Israeli decisions to amend its citizenship law and impose the oath of loyalty to the Jewish state on Palestinians are part of the ongoing Israeli policy which is aimed to empty historical Palestine from its indigenous people.

The ministry of justice underlined that this Israeli policy started, since the early days of the occupation, with mass killing of Palestinians in villages, forced migration, demolition of homes and many racist and criminal measures.

The ministry stressed that these decisions are attempts to extract recognition of the “Jewish state” from Palestinian politicians, especially after de facto president Mahmoud Abbas encouraged the Israeli occupation in this regard when he declared that the “Jewish state” is an Israeli internal affair and the Palestinians have nothing to do with it.

The ministry also warned that the silence on these decisions would lead to mass displacement of all Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories and held the Palestinian Authority fully responsible for the repercussions of what would happen as a result of its encouragement for the idea of the “Jewish state” and its security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.

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Ministry of justice warns of Israel’s citizenship law, loyalty oath.

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