Rights center: Threats to arrest children in Silwan a boost on daily attacks


[ 13/10/2010 – 10:45 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– With more than 600 arrests of minors this year in occupied Jerusalem, half of them in the Silwan district, Israeli threats of more child arrests will not change the reality on the ground, the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights said.

The center described threats by Israel’s Minister of Internal Security to ramp up arrests on children who throw stones at settlers in Jerusalem’s Silwan district as an escalation of daily attacks already launched by Israeli settlers, policemen, and security forces against the Arab neighborhood.

In similar violations against children, settlement chief David Bari deliberately hit two children last week in Silwan with his car as media recorded the incident. Samer Sarhan was killed a few weeks back in cold blood by a security guard in a nearby neighborhood. The perpetrators in both of the crimes were released after police justified the acts as self-defense.

“Minister Aharonovich should have looked into the reasons why Silwan children demonstrate and protest and also looked into radical solutions to stop police and settler assaults against these children and their families instead of making threats to take strict measures against stone throwers and their families,” the JCSER said in its statement.

“The real provocation that stirs the emotions of citizens in Silwan is the presence of colonial settlement activity that violates the rights and property of Palestinian citizens and places restrictions on their freedom of movement,” the rights group added.

Rights center: Threats to arrest children in Silwan a boost on daily attacks.


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