Two Palestinians exposed to attempted murder, sexual abuse in Israeli jails

[ 13/10/2010 – 01:35 PM ]


Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– Different sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that two Palestinian young prisoners were exposed in separate incidents to torture, attempted murder and sexual abuse by some Israeli jailers.

A source close to prisoner Jihad Al-Matwar, 18, said that Matwar was kidnapped from his home two days ago in Sa’ir town in Al-Khalil city and severly beaten before taking him for interrogation in Etzion prison.

The source affirmed that an Israeli interrogator brutally beat Matwar and wrapped a rope around his neck until he fell unconscious. The prisoner is still in Israeli jails and his family expressed its deep concern about his life.

An ex-detainee in Ezion prison told the PIC that any Israeli soldier tried to rape a 21-year old Palestinian young man in the same prison.

He said that the soldier handcuffed and blindfolded this prisoner, forced him to go to a store down the interrogation room and started to remove his clothes, but other soldiers rushed to the place and saved the Palestinian young man after they heard him scream for help.

The source added the assaulted young man was exposed to further torture by another Israeli interrogator after he filed a complaint against his assailant.

In the context of the Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners, the national campaign for the support of prisoners said on Tuesday that Israel execute hundreds of prisoners slowly and extrajudicially in its jails either by torturing or medically neglecting them.

On the occasion of the world day against the death penalty, the national campaign affirmed that Israel continues to detain Palestinian patients and refuse to provide them with appropriate medical treatment until their health deteriorates very seriously and they become at risk of death any moment.

It noted that 70 Palestinian prisoners died of torture or medical neglect in Israeli jails till now.

In a separate incident, the national committee of Jordanian prisoners and missing persons said it would hold next Wednesday a conference for the support of Jordanian citizens jailed or lost in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Two Palestinians exposed to attempted murder, sexual abuse in Israeli jails.

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