National campaign wants immediate halt of torture in Abbas’s jails in W. Bank

[ 15/10/2010 – 01:56 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The National campaign for the defense of kidnapped Palestinian citizens in the PA jails in the West Bank has expressed anxiety over the continued torturing of kidnapped Palestinian activists affiliated to Hamas and other resistance factions.

“Indeed, it is repulsive when you hear about torture and humiliation of Palestinian citizens in the PA jails at the hands of their fellow Palestinians in Al-Khalil city and other Palestinian cities in the West Bank”, said the campaign in a statement it issued in condemnation of those crimes.

The campaign also accused the PA security forces of serving the security agenda of the Israeli occupation and not the Palestinian agenda, saying that such practices produced counterproductive results and generated an atmosphere of disgruntlement and anger among the Palestinian citizens.

Moreover, the campaign strongly condemned the arrest campaign against relatives and friends of the two Qassam Brigade fighters Nasha’at Al-Karmi and Ma’amoon Al-Natshe, adding that the court verdict against a number of them was arbitrary and repressive.

“Indeed, such practices contradict statements issued by Fatah leaders about keenness on achieving national reconciliation, while, in fact such behavior on the part of the Fatah- controlled PA security forces blow all efforts in this regard”, the campaign warned.

Furthermore, the campaign accused the PA security forces of a bundle of violations including refusing to implement court orders to free kidnapped citizens, muzzling mouths of journalists and human rights activists, violating parliamentary immunity of Hamas lawmakers, prosecuting civilians before military courts, sealing-off charities, and dismissing public servants affiliated or sympathizing with Hamas Movement in addition to other heinous practices.

The campaign also questioned on whose behalf  the PA security forces are committing such violations?, urging all concerned public and private Palestinian agencies and organizations to join hands in supporting the oppressed Palestinian citizens and their families against the Fatah militia practices.

National campaign wants immediate halt of torture in Abbas’s jails in W. Bank.

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