Bahar condemns Abbas calling Jewish state recognition ‘international affair’

[ 16/10/2010 – 02:15 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– PLC first deputy speaker Dr. Ahmed Bahar expressed surprise over statements by Fatah authority chief Mahmoud Abbas about the Jewish identity of Israel being an “international affair and not a Palestinian affair”, asserting that the comments constitute implicit legislation of recent statements by senior PLO member Yasser Abed Rabbo.

Dr. Bahar said in a press release Friday that Palestinian rights are not subject to the whims and wishes of the international community.

Bahar said the PLO executive committee secretary Abed Rabbo should be prosecuted over his statements that claim the Palestinians’ willingness to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“Abed Rabbo remaining at liberty without trial or punishment undermines the positions and policies of the [Palestinian] Authority and Fatah, and places the Palestinian authoritarian decision in the hands of a frivolous clique that has no qualms about betraying Palestine, its constants and its national cause,” he concluded.

Bahar condemns Abbas calling Jewish state recognition ‘international affair’.

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