Libya to host meeting to coordinate Gaza-bound convoys from Northern Africa

[ 18/10/2010 – 09:22 AM ]


TRIPOLI, (PIC)– The Libyan capital of Tripoli will host a meeting attended by coordinators from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, and Libya to determine the routes of aid convoys that will run from their countries to the Gaza Strip, and to set dates for their departure.

Arab Parliament Committee coordinator Madani Baradei in a statement on Sunday said: “The Algerian convoy is ready to take off, but is only waiting for the green light from relevant parties in the Strip. The convoy consists of two ambulances, school supplies, and clothes for more than 250,000 students in the Gaza Strip.”

Another aid convoy of 41 vehicles loaded with food and medicine crossed Algeria’s borders Saturday to join the Algerian, Libyan, and Mauritanian convoys.

In a related context, Mohammed Haddad, the general coordinator of the Gaza-bound Road to Hope convoy from Europe, praised the traditional generosity he received from the Algerian people during his visit there.

Haddad said: The convoy crossed the closed land borders between Morocco and Algeria, which were opened especially for the convoy. Since our entry into Algerian soil we live a celebration exceeding our expectations and sometimes imaginations.

“All of the provinces we come to, official and public institutions welcome us in an unexpected way,” he went on to say.

He also expressed hope that the convoy would progress at an acceptable pace to reach Tunisia before heading out to Libya. Then the convoy will set out Oct. 24 after the Quds 5 convoy from Libya and another international convoy unite with the Road to Hope convoy from Europe.

Libya to host meeting to coordinate Gaza-bound convoys from Northern Africa.

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