Lifeline 5 to leave this evening for Al-Arish seaport

[ 19/10/2010 – 01:33 PM ]


LATAKIA, (PIC)– The fifth aid convoy Lifeline for Gaza will leave Tuesday evening for the Egyptian seaport of Al-Arish after a delay in its departure due to financial problems with the cargo ship’s owner.

Spokesman for Viva Palestina Zaher Al-Berawi said Tuesday that most of the participants will fly to Al-Arish airport after a dispute with the owner of the Greek ship, who tripled the transport costs.

Berawi added that 30 passengers will be aboard the cargo ship as escorts, while 320 others will take tomorrow or the next day three flights from the Syrian city of Latakia to Al-Arish city in Egypt, pointing that the Egyptian authorities were officially informed about these changes, but they did not yet respond to that.

Lifeline 5 to leave this evening for Al-Arish seaport.

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