Birawi: Lifeline carries 5 million dollars worth of aid

[ 22/10/2010 – 11:39 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Spokesman for Lifeline 5 aid convoy to the Gaza Strip, Zaher Birawi, said on Thursday that the convoy carries with it 5 million US dollars worth of aid for the besieged people of Gaza, including medical, humanitarian and educational aid.

In a statement to PIC Birawi said that the arrival of Lifeline activists into Gaza as an indicator that the Egyptian authorities have rectified its earlier fault with regard to the aid convoy.

He added that the activists will remain in the Gaza Strip for three days and will be leaving on Sunday morning and that they will be making field visits to areas destroyed by the Israelis during the war on Gaza and meeting some of the affected families.

Birawi said that the Egyptian authorities allowed 342 activists from 30 different coutries, 12 of them Arab countries, into the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian authorities however barred 17 activists, including the leader of the convoy George Galloway, from entering Egypt on their way to the Gaza Strip.

Birawi: Lifeline carries 5 million dollars worth of aid.

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