Falk: Palestinian state is an illusion

[ 24/10/2010 – 10:01 AM ]


NEW YORK, (PIC)– The establishment of a Palestinian state is an “illusion” because it necessitates a root change in the Israeli settlement drive and the de facto political conditions, Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian land, said.

Falk said in a report published on Friday, “The peace process that began decades ago, aimed at creating an independent, sovereign Palestinian state appeared to be based on illusion, as the continued settlement construction would probably make Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories irreversible.”

Expanding settlement activity in Jerusalem, demolition of houses, and revoking residence rights of Palestinians were making it difficult to imagine Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state, he said, adding that the prolonged Israeli occupation since 1967 had its heavy human toll on all Palestinians.

Falk: Palestinian state is an illusion.

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