JCSER: Israel stepped up its crimes, killed three Jerusalemites last month

[ 24/10/2010 – 12:38 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jerusalem center for social and economic rights (JCSER) said in its monthly report that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) stepped up its violations against the Jerusalemites’ political, social and religious rights and killed three of them including an infant during September.

In a report issued Saturday, JCSER said that two Palestinian young men were shot dead by settlers’ armed guards in Al-Thawri and Silwan neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem, while a little baby died after he inhaled tear gas used by Israeli troops to target Palestinian homes in Issawiya district. The child could have lived if the troops had not obstructed his transfer to hospital.

The troops also prevented during their attack on Issawiya district this month other wounded Palestinians from being transferred to hospital after they blocked the way of ambulances as happened with a Palestinian lady who was hit in her face with a stun grenade.

The report asserted that these killings happened simultaneously with widespread arrest campaigns that led to the kidnapping of 25 Palestinian young men and children from different areas in Jerusalem during the protests that were triggered by the settlers’ provocative acts.

About 40 Palestinians suffered either tear gas suffocation or sustained injuries from rubber coated bullets over three days of clashes with Israeli troops in the holy city.

The IOA imposed severe restrictions on the entry of worshipers to the Aqsa Mosque on 24 of the same month and allowed in only those who are over 50 years. It also intensified its settlement activities, seized more Palestinian lands and declared plans to build more than 12, 000 settlement units throughout Jerusalem.

The Israeli authority of nature and gardens, for its part, razed hundreds of lands belonging to Palestinian citizens in Al-Tur neighborhood, east of the old city in Jerusalem.

The IOA closed Shu’fat refugee camp and placed concrete blocks besides the military checkpoint at the camp’s entrance. It also demolished or issued demolition orders against dozens of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, according to the report.

In a related context, the Palestinian center for human rights said in a report covering the Israeli violations from 14 to 20 October that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed two Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza and wounded three civilians, two of them in the Strip and one in the West Bank.

Its report also stated that dozens of Palestinians and multinational activists suffered from dizzy spells or suffocated after they inhaled tear gas, and many of them sustained injuries after Israeli troops attacked their peaceful marches they organize weekly in the West Bank.

The center added that the IOF troops carried out about 39 military incursions in most of the West Bank cities, villages and refugee camps, during which they kidnapped seven Palestinian civilians including Hamas lawmaker Hatem Kafisha.

It pointed out that the IOF troops deliberately maltreated and terrorized Palestinian civilians during violent raids on their homes.

In a separate incident, a Palestinian young man called Mohamed Al-Beitouni was seriously wounded after he was attacked by a gang of savage Israeli settlers from Ramot settlement, west of Jerusalem.

Local sources said that 10 armed settlers attacked Beitouni with bottles and stones and embarked on beating him severely before fleeing the scene. He was taken to Hadassah hospital in Issawiya district for treatment.

The Hebrew radio for its part said on Saturday that Israeli border guards detained two Jerusalemite citizens on suspicion of attacking an Israeli settler in the old city of Jerusalem.

JCSER: Israel stepped up its crimes, killed three Jerusalemites last month.

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