Palestinian prisoners in Negev complain of their incarceration conditions

[ 24/10/2010 – 11:14 AM ]


NEGEV, (PIC)– Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli desert prison Negev have complained of their incarceration conditions after the Israeli prison administration tightened its repressive measures against them.

In a message leaked out of jail on Saturday, the prisoners said that the administration serves them poor quantity meals and impure water in addition to blocking entry of new clothes for them.

They also complained of poor medical treatment, adding that prison doctors treat all health complaints with the Acamol pill only as if it was the magic medication for all illnesses.

The prisoners said that the prison jailors daily storm their wards under trivial security pretexts just to destabilize them.

They said that they suffer scorching heat in summer and severe cold in winter, adding that they mostly fear the proximity of the Dimona nuclear reactor and the possibility of developing cancer as a result in future.

Palestinian prisoners in Negev complain of their incarceration conditions.

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