Abu Sha’ar slams Israel’s decision to prioritize Judaization of O. Jerusalem

[ 25/10/2010 – 05:53 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian minister of religious affairs Taleb Abu Sha’ar strongly denounced the Israeli government for approving a law considering the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem a national priority for Israel.

In a press release on Monday, Abu Sha’ar said that this law is part of Israel’s games, where it is under the table carrying out its settlement activities and on the table deceiving the world by declaring its alleged intentions to develop the holy city, but in fact it intends to change the Islamic features of the city.

The minister also warned that this law would lead to the establishment of new housing projects for the Jews in the context of the tactical war which Israel is waging in Jerusalem in order to displace the Palestinian natives from their holy city.

The minister called on the Arab and Muslim nations, and the international community to wake up from their long hibernation that almost killed the holy city and to hasten to save it from the clutches of the Israeli occupation state.

Abu Sha’ar slams Israel’s decision to prioritize Judaization of O. Jerusalem.

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