IOA renews isolation of Saadat despite his illness

[ 25/10/2010 – 06:09 PM ]


BEERSHEBA, (PIC)– An Israeli military court has renewed the solitary confinement of Ahmed Saadat, the secretary general of the popular front of the liberation of Palestine, for the fourth time running despite his illness and the international condemnation campaign against his isolation.

The coordinator of the solidarity campaign with Saadat said in a press release on Monday that the court refused to discuss any appeals and quickly decided to renew his isolation until 21/4/2011 at the request of the Israeli security apparatuses, which asked for his isolation as long as he is in detention because he “poses threat to the security of Israel”.

Saadat, who has been in isolation since 16/3/2009, is suffering from asthma and calcification in the neck vertebrae that prevent him from proper sleep. He is also deprived of family visits.

In a related context, the prison administration in Hadarim continued to impose solitary confinement on Hamas commander Zaher Jabarin for the 25th day running.

The Palestinian prisoner’s association said that the isolation followed an inspection of his prison cell, adding that Jabarin, who has been in Israeli captivity for the past 19 years, is serving a life sentence.

Jabarin was “convicted” of planning to kidnap an Israeli soldier.

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