Law making J’lem national priority risks largest ethnic cleaning in city

Law making J’lem national priority risks largest ethnic cle

[ 26/10/2010 – 11:00 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– PLC Secretary Dr. Mahmoud Al Ramahi said new Israeli laws aimed at turning Jerusalem into a “national area” called Area A, fall within the framework of Israel’s continued policy of judaizing the city and its environs.

Palestinian MP Yasser Mansur said the Israeli government is devising a plan to open the doors wide open for settlers to carry out the broadest settlement operations in the city, by offering special privileges and great care for Jews who settle in the city.

Mansur assured that there will be an unprecedented Israeli onslaught on the holy city, saying: “It is on the verge of he largest ethnic cleansing operation and forced displacement of its people.”

“The issue requires a serious stand by Arabs, Muslims, world liberals, human rights organizations, and all of the Palestinian people to stand in the face of the new aggression and this racist law,” he went on to say.

For his part, senior PLC official Mahmoud Al Ramahi condemned the decision as a “natural and expected result of placing Jerusalem on the negotiation table and in the peace process.”

Ramahi said he opposed racist laws such as this one, calling on the Palestinians in Jerusalem to not cooperate with such illegal laws issued by “illegitimate parties”.

He added that the law could lead to more degradation and a state of instability in the area, adding that Jerusalem has a religious significance in the hearts of all Arabs and Muslims, and not only the Palestinians.

The Ahrar movement in Palestine said Israel’s approval of the new law, that makes Jerusalem a “national priority”, poses a real threat to the remaining land of the holy city as a whole.

The movement said in a statement on Monday: “The law is a result of the suspicious silence of Arab and Islamic nations over what happens in occupied Jerusalem.”

“The new law will give priority to the construction of Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem by providing all forms of financial backing and government aid to Israeli settlers,” the Ahrar movement noted.

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