Police level two homes in Lod

[ 26/10/2010 – 04:03 PM ]


LOD, (PIC)– A large force of Israeli police demolished Tuesday morning two houses belonging to Hussein Abu Zaid and Dab’ Abu Zaidin the city of Lod in 1948-occupied Palestine.

Witnesses said police arrested two of the households’ men who attempted to obstruct the bulldozers from proceeding to destroy the homes. The men were identified as Salim Abu Zaid and Mahmoud Salim Abou Zaid.

The demolition order was issued against only one of the houses, but police also destroyed the second, sparking outrage among locals.

The demolition was decided to be postponed until the end of October, but police rushed to take down the home before the end of the month when a new court order would be required to carry out the operation.

In a separate development, Israeli settlers defaced Tuesday morning the walls of institutions, shops, and a church in the city of Jaffa in 1948-occupied Palestinian territories with racial slurs glorifying Kahane Tzadak.

Witnesses said slogans were written on the walls of an Islamic club, a Latin church, off of the Abul-Abd restaurant, near the Al Hummus Al Asli restaurant, off of the Ghazaziwa garden, and on the gate of a school.

Police level two homes in Lod.

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