Israeli occupation decide to banish Kabaha from his birthplace

[ 29/10/2010 – 07:52 AM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– Former Palestinian minister, Wasfi Kabaha, said that the Israeli occupation has decided to banish him from his birthplace, Bartaa al-Sharqeyya, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

He explained that the Israeli occupation intelligence officer who accompanied the force that raided Kabaha’s home on Thursday morning told him that he was a persona non grata in West Bank villages that lie behind the apartheid wall.

Kabaha added, in a special statement to PIC, that the intelligence officer further informed him that beginning next month he will not be allowed to enter his village and if he fails to abide he would stand accountable.

The former minister said that he considered this decision as an internal deportation decision, especially that his elderly parents as well as his brothers and sisters live in the village and that owns a house at there.

He further said that he will resort to courts to get this decision against him annulled as such a decision which denies a person the right to enter his own village constitutes a serious precedent.

The commander of the IOF unit that raided Kabaha’s house discussed with him the latest political developments and his outlook for the future and sent  warnings to Hamas saying that the IOF has a long arm and can deal hard blows to the movement.

Bartaa al-Sharqeyya (Eastern Bartaa) is the eastern half of a Palestinian village that was divided in 1948 between the West Bank and the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories. Now the whole village lied behind the annexation wall and is isolated from the rest of the Jenin district by an occupation military roadblock.

Kabaha, who was released from Israeli occupation jails only recently, spent nine years in total in Israeli occupation jails.

Israeli occupation decide to banish Kabaha from his birthplace.

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