Hamdan: Idea of int’l conference a waste of time and effort

[ 31/10/2010 – 11:25 AM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– Hamas international relations official Osama Hamdan described as a waste of time and effort the new Egyptian effort to save the collapsing “peace process” between Israel and Abbas’s authority.

He said in a press statement on Sunday that the so-called “peace process” had died a long time ago, adding it was better to officially announce its “death” and to rebuild the Palestinian national project on the basis of supporting resistance, liberation, and right of return.

Commenting on the news of a new Cairo move to convene an international peace conference, he said that there would be no use of such a conference.

Hamdan called instead for a comprehensive evaluation of the “peace process” and uniting the Palestinian national line based on resistance and restoring the supportive Arab and Islamic role of such a national liberation project.

The London-based Al-Hayat newspaper published on Sunday quoted a “senior Egyptian source” as saying that Cairo was holding expanded contacts with regional and international parties to secure the convening of a peace conference that would re-endorse UN resolutions on the Palestine cause.

Hamdan: Idea of int’l conference a waste of time and effort.

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