Haneyya: Israel’s war threats are only psychological warfare

[ 31/10/2010 – 10:02 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya ruled out that the Israeli occupation state would wage a new war on the Gaza Strip and expressed his belief that the Israeli threats in this regard are only part of psychological warfare aimed at undermining the morale of the Palestinian people and their resistance factions.

Haneyya made his remarks Saturday evening in a mass wedding ceremony of the Palestinian citizens wounded in the last Israeli war on Gaza (named Al-Furqan war by Hamas).

“I do not expect there will be a war soon; this enemy sustained a big failure in Al-Furqan war and scandals are still chasing it after the aggression, Goldstone report and Freedom Flotilla [attack], and its leaders cannot visit some capitals of the world,” the premier told the attendees.

“Although we know the nature of this enemy and that it cannot be trusted, we are patient; these leaks, which some regional powers are involved in, will not undermine our determination, will and ability to survive and the clearest evidence is this wedding that reflects the people’s high spirits,” he added.

“The enemy is busy attempting to break the steadfastness project in Gaza, and we are busy with the project of construction and finding more powerful elements for this people and the restoration of their unity on the basis of their rights, constants and resistance,” the premier highlighted.

Haneyya: Israel’s war threats are only psychological warfare.

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