Islamic action front slams Jordanian-Israeli oil pollution exercise

[ 01/11/2010 – 12:26 PM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– The Islamic action front in Jordan strongly denounced their government for conducting a maritime pollution cleanup drill with Israelis last month in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Senior official of the front Mohamed Al-Zyoud said Monday that any environmental problems or oil leaks could be tackled with international efforts and there are Jordanian specialists in this field who can professionally do such a job.

Zyoud stressed that it is not appropriate at all to engage in any cooperation with the Israeli occupation state which threatens Jordan’s national security, Judaizes the Islamic holy shrines and kills children, elders and innocent people in Palestine.

For their part, Jordanian political analysts warned that the project of economic peace with Israel, which was launched lately, would dismantle Jordan and integrate the Palestinian authority into Israel’s infrastructure.

This came in a symposium held on Saturday in Amman on the impacts of waiving the Palestinian historical rights and recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.

They also highlighted that Israel succeeded in creating Palestinian officials serving its interests and planting them not only in the Palestinian arena, but also in Arab and Muslim countries.

Political journalist Mowaffaq Mahadeen explained in his speech how the Israeli occupation state faces the challenges threatening its very existence which are represented in its fears of the population density of the Palestinians in the West Bank and the emergence of new regional forces such as Turkey and Iran.

For his part, editor-in-chief of Al-Sabeel newspaper Faraj Shalhoub warned during the symposium that the idea of a state for Jews threatens the right of return and the Arab presence in the 1948 occupied lands.

Shalhoub stated that Israel has no intentions to reach a political settlement with the Palestinians and will not allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

He also noted that Jordan represents a strategic depth for Israel and it will intervene if any change happens in its political arena, affirming that both Jordan and the PA has no programs to confront the Zionist dangers except the peace talks and the relations with Israel.

Islamic action front slams Jordanian-Israeli oil pollution exercise.

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