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NEW ALBUM & SOURCES: Palestinians in Refugee Camps


US Caterpillar delays exports to Israel


Netanyahu: Don’t let PA hold east Jerusalem ceremony,7340,L-3978236,00.html


avinunu: Puppet must not pull on strings: Israel bans Palestinian fake “prime minister” Salam Fayyad from Jerusalem event


Israeli Settlers’ Terror


Deputy PM Meridor cancels London visit following lawsuit threat


My Encounter with a Zionist in Crisis with Her Beliefs


The Love letter of a true man, A Mujahid


Report reveals dramatic drop in foreign news coverage


Book review: understanding the economics of occupation


Israeli Troops Invade Houses in Hebron


PA denounces remarks by UNRWA official


PA minister suspected of corruption


Gaza flotilla activist Kevin Neish begins pan-Canadian tour in Halifax this Friday


Internet Killed Israeli PR VIDEO (Minor Demographic Threat) EXCELLENT!


Spain says it cannot offer Dichter immunity against arrest


European MPs visit Jerusalemite officials at Red Cross headquarters


Irish musician refuses to visit Israel


Islamic action front slams Jordanian-Israeli oil pollution exercise


Obstruction in Libya frustrates Gaza aid convoy


Youth Detention Extended ( Silwan )


Mondoweiss: Great @avinunu interview w/ MK Haneen Zoabi re-posted from @intifada: “There is now ‘no chance’ for a 2-state solution”


Israel On High Alert After Mail Terror Plot Exposed


Is Rupert Murdoch ignorant or an agent of Zionist deception?


avinunu: was just interviewed by @ABQJournal about Zionist efforts to prevent my talk at UNM on Nov 7 (details of talk: )


Minister: 200-300 Hamas fighters killed in war


Palestine: Revised Plan 2011 (MAAPS00111)


Court hearing held for two youth in Silwan


PLO exploring ‘other options,’ official says


Israeli security head: Terrorists using technology


The Ramallah Government: church torching by settlers was response to UNESCO decision


Sabra & Shatilla remembered


Deir Yassin remembered


Children and Young Palestinians are increasingly targeted by deliberate attacks


Blog-Tip: Free Falastin


Welcome to the apartheidstate of Israel


PM: Settlement freeze issue on hold,7340,L-3978109,00.html


Netanyahu cancels scheduled meeting with Obama for next week


Shin Bet Chief warns: Internet boosting global terror threat


Mayor of Jerusalem faces slogans amidst school opening in Ras el-Amoud neigborhood



Two members of the family of the martyr Samer Sarhan were arrested




President Abbas to Arrive in Kuwait Tomorrow


Widespread Work Commences in Talmon Settlement North of Ramallah


Israel Arrests 100 Palestinian Children From Jerusalem Last Month


Christian Science Monitor: Israel arrested 100 children from Silwan in October


Gaza demonstrators at UN office demand end of siege


Hope convoy stranded at Libyan-Egyptian borders


IOF soldiers conduct field interrogation of Hamas leaders in Yabad


National committee: Release Gaza prisoners whose incarceration term ended


Erekat: Arabs to bring Palestinian issue to UN


Report: Egypt intel chief set for Israel visit


Settlement expansion spotted in Salfit


Bardaweel: Israel won’t see Shalit without paying price


Gaza children to receive treatment in Slovenia


Witnesses: Israeli tanks operating in central Gaza Strip


Israels crime footage about burned church


International Solidarity Campaign: Seven Killed and 250 Imprisoned in October


Ma’ariv: Washington Wants to Replace Mitchell in Coming Weeks


Hamas says 250 operatives where killed


Officers suspended of robbing palestinians,7340,L-3977958,00.html


Fatah Secretary General arrested in Silwan


Let Palestinian police control Area C


UNRWA Workers Announce Failure in Talks


Settlements install more surveillance cameras in Silwan


PFLP fighters: We attacked Israeli forces in Gaza


Israeli Soldier Sentenced to Prison For Photos


‘No change in Hamas resistance policy’


New Scandals in Child Prisoner Torture: Soldiers Urinate on 13-Year-Old Boys


Whom Are We Kidding?


Hamas confirms losses in Cast Lead for first time


Israel hides Rachel Corrie’s murderer


Iran Condemns Burning of Church in Occupied Jerusalem


Netanyahu Offers Obama Settlement Freeze for Release of Pollard


Israel Razes Homes in Hebron, Jenin; Settlers Run Wild in Nablus


Fatah: Hebron must stand fast against settlers


Southern communities petition High Court for protection


Erekat: “Egypt Proposed A Joint Plan For Submitting Palestinian Demands To The UN”


Spanish Authorities Refuse to Grant Avi Dichter Immunity


22 injured at increasingly violent An Nabi Saleh Demonstration


Several Palestinians injured by Israeli force


dancing under siege


Mondoweiss: Caterpillar freeze and ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ honor show irresistible advance of boycott movement


Undercover police expel minors arrested at scene of alleged stone throwing


Falk Endorses One State in Israel-Palestine


2 Israelis charged with shooting at Palestinians



70 disabled Gaza men look towards a new life


Hamas Fighter Kidnapped In Bethlehem, Army Believes He Is Behind A Shooting Attack


Sarkozy loses temper over Israeli PM


Demo greets Knesset speaker in Rabat


Haneen Zoabi: “Israeli society doesn’t feel the need for peace”


Mondoweiss: Israel arrests Palestinian children at 3 in the morning


Zvi Bar’el: South Africa is already here


Report: Leftover Israeli explosives cause Tubas blast


Only 2 survivors remain from Nazi camp Treblinka


Israeli Border Officer Charged With Shooting At Arabs During Clashes In Safed


Turkish Flotilla “Peace” Group Visits Terrorists and Plays At War


Army detains suspect in West Bank shooting


Residents of Silwan name street after Samer Sahan


Israeli Officer Charged With Handing Gun To Friend During Attack On Palestinians Last Weekend


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