Falk: UNHRC should not drop Article VII

[ 02/11/2010 – 09:28 AM ]


DOHA, (PIC)– Richard Falk, the UNHRC Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories, has accused the United States of blindly backing Israel and of striving hard to drop Article VII of the UNHRC charter that would make conditions in occupied Palestine more complicated.

In a televised interview with Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel on Monday regarding the matter, Falk explained that the United States could not be an honest peace broker in the region due to its blind and unconditional political support for Israel, its main ally in the region.

He, however, expressed hope that the US move will not succeed because “The council is an inseparable part of the UN organization where the USA had failed to achieve much successes in the past”.

“Indeed, I will be surprised if the US diplomacy in this regard succeeded”, Falk pointed out, warning that deleting such clause from the UNHRC charter would cancel any possible use of force backed by the United Nations to implement “binding” resolutions of the UNSC regarding the Palestinian-Israeli struggle.

But he opined that based on his experience and knowledge of the mentality of the UNHRC member states, the American drive in this regard will not succeed, reminding that the UNHRC has pushed ahead with the investigation committee to probe the Freedom Flotilla massacre last May at the hands of the Israeli navy despite strong US and Israeli opposition.

For its part, the human rights organization Dhameer (Conscience) pointed out in a statement in Gaza on Monday that Israel had filed a proposal to delete Article VII from the UNHRC charter in order to confine dealing with the Palestinian issue to the minimum level through a report made every four years, and to make mentioning the Golan Heights next to impossible.

The Israeli proposal gained the blessing of the USA and its allies in the council, the HR group highlighted.

It stressed that the Article VII of the UNHRC was an essential gain for human rights movement in the world, and that any move to delete it would mean direct and plain support for the occupation, and clear resignation of the council from handling the Palestinian issue.

Falk: UNHRC should not drop Article VII.

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