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No blockade able to prevent you from supporting Palestine!

NO BLOCKADE can prevent donating by wiring money to islamic relief for support of the Palestinians inside there. Please consider giving your Zakaat to Islamic Relief Palestine. Please consider donating them, they are doing very good job in Palestine Donate online:



One Democratic State Solution for Palestine Gains Momentum


Vessel enters Israel’s territorial waters,7340,L-3978844,00.html


avinunu: “Tough questions for Hamas” – an important analysis by Haidar Eid on @intifada


Mondoweiss: RT @avinunu: This is Brand Israel: Big brave Israeli soldiers urinate on Palestinian children while torturing them.


Martyr’s relatives to stand trial as harassment of Sarhan family escalates


PA: Israel steals Palestinian Heritage


Islamic Jihad: PA arrests West Bank supporter


Gaza medics: Israeli forces shoot mentally disabled man


Wedding extravaganza for Gaza’s war wounded


Premier of Manitoba’s Disgraceful Visit to Israel


PA signs $100 million development agreement


Situation tense in Baten el-Hawa as Israeli forces fire sound grenade from occupied building




Israel’s deputy PM cancels UK visit over arrest fears


Report: New Israeli plan to discourage stone-throwing


Detainee still in jail months after serving term


Mondoweiss: Haaretz: US brain scientist forced to give up her books and remove her bra before boarding El Al flight


QNA | News | Kuwait Emir Holds Official Talks with Palestinian President


Gaza tunnels don’t just run one way


PLO official: Dissolving PA an option


Army harasses journalists during West Bank raid


The World Education Forum: Palestine’s Opportunity to Overcome Obstacles

Education in Palestine in world spotlight

Medics: Israeli forces shoot man on Gaza border

Detainee still in jail months after serving term

Palestinian gov’t demands Britain to apologize for Balfour declaration

Israeli colonies expand, Palestinians face home demolitions

IOF release child after 38 days in several jails

Islamic Jihad: The preventive security sill tortures wounded resistance fighter

Structure demolished in East Jerusalem

Mondoweiss: UNRWA tells the story of Palestinian refugees in the new series ‘Peace starts here’ (VIDEO)

avinunu: RT @intifada: Israeli colonies expand, Palestinians face home demolitions

Barak: Negotiations to resume after US elections,7340,L-3978707,00.html

avinunu: In their desperate effort to stop me being heard in New Mexico, thuggish Zionists compare me to KKK and selves to NAACP

Gaza: Balfour Demonstration Banned

Mondoweiss: B’Tselem: Palestinians arrested at night and held in windowless, cramped cells with artificial light for days

The Entry of UN’s Construction Materials in Gaza Remains Restricted

Israeli Soldiers Shot a Citizen in Gaza Strip

Israeli Rights Group Report Indicates Abuse in Israeli Detention

Beit Ommar Legal Update: Two Youths Released While Others Await Trial

Gravel Gaza

PA and Hamas Fighting a Passport War

Israeli aircraft hovering over Beirut

Children of Catastrophe | Alternate Focus

‘Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide’.

Cut through the Denila About Israel’s Violence

Israel’s Matric of Control

Education Behind Bars: Freed Prisoners Talk About Writing on Cigarette Papers

Piecing Together a Future in Beit Sahour

Mondoweiss: Corries urge: Press Obama to end sales of Caterpillar bulldozers to Israel

Mondoweiss: Netanyahu says Israel will be in Jordan Valley forever

Hayo Meyer: israel is a racist Colonizing nation ( Holocaust Survivor )

avinunu: Israel’s self-hating Arab rabbi “Ovadia Yosef” (né Abdallah Yousef in Iraq) to back ban on renting homes to Arabs

Police find suspicious object in Tubas

PA: East al-Quds, capital of Palestine

A “Swiss Made” Boat for Gaza

JNF Canada: A Legacy of Racism and Discrimination

My Encounter with a Zionist in Crisis

Who Are the “Chosen People”?

Sabbath Goys in the UK Press

90% of Palestinians would no longer back the peace process if West Bank settlement building restarted

Full report of abuse at detetion facility Petah Tikva

Gallery Umm Al-Fahem

Viciously Attacking Israeli Arabs

Israel’s deputy PM calls off visit to Britain fearing arrest

Masha’Allah.. BDS is going to be BDSI! (Boycot, Divestment, Sanction & Isolate) Apartheid!

Fatah urges international community to act for Palestine

Haaretz editorial calls on Israel to express ‘sorrow’ for deadly flotilla raid

Hamas: PA arrests 9 party members

Israeli army shoots Gaza, Ashkenazi visits Gaza’s borders,-Ashkenazi-visits-Gaza-s-borders.html

Israel opens Abu Salem, keeps Karni closed,-keeps-Karni-closed.html

Jerusalem Catholic church claims discrimination,7340,L-3978583,00.html

avinunu: Enemy occupier has “approved” only 1.7% of Gaza building projects and most of those are delayed by siege

avinunu: Siege “easing” update: Occupation letting less than 40% of needed supplies into Gaza says UN

Israeli army patrolled Hebron during Jewish holiday

US lauds M’sia’s support for peace in Palestine

Deputy PM Meridor cancels London visit following lawsuit threat

Two Human Rights Groups Report Abuse to Palestinian Prisoners in Shin Bet Facility

ACRI, B`Tselem, Rabbis for Human Rights and Yesh Din letter: 35 tree vandalism cases in 6 weeks

Fayyad: We Will Continue to Support and Serve East Jerusalem

PFLP group survives IOF shelling

Israel bars PA from E al-Quds event

Hamas: Free Palestinians for Shalit

Medics: Israeli forces shoot Gaza man on border

Soldiers Break Into Nafha Prison

avinunu: And just last week Israel’s death squad chief Avi Dichter had to cancel a visit to Spain. Isolate apartheid.

avinunu: Report: US to replace Envoy George Mitchell with professional Israel lobbyist Martin Indyk

Video: Philadelphia flashmob channels Lady Gaga to tell shoppers “Don’t buy into Israeli apartheid” #BDS /@intifada

Two Arrested in Beit Amer, Near Hebron

Fayyad Denied Entry To Jerusalem To Dedicate New Schools

Israeli Troops Kidnap Two Palestinians From Hebron

Fayyad inaugurates east Jerusalem school,7340,L-3978449,00.html

MPs Borini and Mansour take part in sit-in of UNRWA staff

Washington proposes leasing JV, ponders replacing Mitchell

Israel’s deputy PM calls off visit to Britain fearing arrest

Khatib expects failure of reconciliation

Falk: UNHRC should not drop Article VII

Fayyad changes schedule after Jerusalem ban

PA Prepares Plan to Demand Statehood at UN

He reveals the Truth about Zionists

Demontsration: real Judaism against Zionism

Carwash Demolished in Jerusalem, Bulldozing Resumes in Karm Etsur Settlement

A Palestinian girl speaks up about losing ALL her family in the Gaza war. (English Subtitles)

New reports of abuse in Israeli prisons

Israel Denies Fayyad Entrance to East Jerusalem

UN: Gaza construction materials delayed

Gaza brigades claim back-to-back clashes

Silwan Extends Harsh Welcome to “Racist” Mayor Barkat

Gaza donkeys face competition from imported tuktuks

Israeli Forces Arrest Six Palestinians

Israeli troops enforce closure on northern village

NEW ALBUM & SOURCES: Palestinians in Refugee Camps

Gaza businesses boxed in by Israeli export ban

B’Tselem: Palestinians abused in Shin Bet facility,7340,L-3978326,00.html

Pictures: Israeli Army Beat Palestinian School Children: International Solitary Movement had observers who try to protect the children

Israel mulls leasing Palestinian land

Netanyahu bans Fayyad from Jerusalem

Israel bulldozes Gaza village

Canada ‘out of sync with humanity’

U.K. to announce legislation to end warrants against Israelis

freegazaorg: People’s movements-Palestine gain momentum-growing NV demos in Gaza, occ WB, occupied E Jerusalem

Mondoweiss: Israeli construction boom across the West Bank, while settlers rampage in Nablus and Salfit

For Palestine

Dua for Palestine by Sheikh Mishary

Gaza kid witnesses

Palestine if every part of me

Gaza War Lies vs Facts

We will not go down – Song for Gaza

Only free men can negotiate

I am the resistance

Factsheets and Books

Facts on Palestine

The Massacres on Palestinian People

Factsheet Israel’s Colonial Policy

700.000 Palestinian Prisoners since 1967

Factsheet Jersualem, Ethnic Cleansing and Colonisation

Factsheet Palestine, Israel & Trade Union Movement

Factsheet Palestine – Israel : The Basic Facts

Factsheet Palestinian Refugees

OCHA Factsheet: Settler Violence

Factsheet: The blockade on Gaza | The Truth

Factsheet : The case of Sheikh Jarrah [October 2010]

Factsheet The Israeli Annexation of the Jordan Valley

Factsheet: The Nakba, Israelis war of Independance

Factsheet: The Right to return

Factsheet: The Truth about Gaza

Factsheet: BDS

Palestine Monitor Factbook

Stop the Wall Factbook

Recent Reports (2010)

Palestinian Whereabouts (IRIN) 2010

Map of Ethnically Cleansed destroyed and excisting Arab villages in Israel

OPT: Oxfam urges lifting of barriers to olive production

ISRAEL-OPT: Gaza food supplies strangled by 1,000-day blockade

In Brief: Avian flu outbreak prompts West Bank chicken cull

MIDDLE EAST: Environmentalists issue stark warning on River Jordan

OPT: Aid fleet bound for Gaza

OPT: West Bank health and economy up a bit, Gaza down

About the  Occupation | Occupation 101 | THE MOVIE

Part 11

Part 10

Part 09

Part 08

Part 07

Part 06

Part 05

Part 04

Part 03

Part 02

Part 01

About Israeli Propaganda |  Peace and propaganda and the Promised Land

Part 10

Part 09

Part 08

Part 07

Part 06

Part 05

Part 04

Part 03

Part 02

Part 01

Machsomim – Checkpoints and Daily Harrassement

Checkpoint Part 1 |

Checkpoint Part 2 |

Checkpoint Part 3 |

Checkpoint Part 4 |

Checkpoint Part 5 |

Checkpoint Part 6 |

Checkpoint Part 7 |

Checkpoint Part 8 |

Obstacles on course to school

Machsom Watch – Women against the Occupation and for Human Rights

Machsom Watch Photogalleries@Flickr about atrocities at checkpoints

Websites about Palestine, Human Rights, History and more

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

End the Siege

Palestinian Human Rights Center Gaza

Al Dameer for Human Rights | Arabic

Al Dameer for Human Rights | English

Palestine Remembered – The Facts & More

HaMoked, Center for Defence of the Individual

The Electronic Intifada

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The Free Gaza Movement

Sabbah Report: Because silence is Complicity

Israeli occupation

Gaza speaks

IOA Warcrimes and massacres on Palestinians

The Gaza Massacre

The Intifada’s

War Crimes by Israel 1

War Crimes by Israel 2

War Crimes by Israel 3

The real holocaust

Torture by IOA on Palestinians

Torture is prohibited by international law. Despite this, Israeli forces don’t hesitate to torture Palestinians when they interrogate them. The victims are young aged fourteen to seventeen. The police arrested them at their homes in the midd…le of the late night and took them to the police station in Gush Etzion, where police interrogators tortured them until morning.

The methods of torture include: Forcing the minors to stand in painful positions for prolonged periods; Beating the minors severely for many hours, at times with the use of various objects; Splashing cold water on the detainees in the facility’s courtyard in wintry conditions; Pushing the minor’s head into the toilet bowl and flushing the toilet; Making death threats; Cursing and degrading the minors.

Over the years, torture was particularly prevalent in interrogations by the General Security Service(GSS). Since the Landau Commission recommendations were issued, in 1987, GSS interrogators tortured during interrogations at least 850 Palestinians a year. The methods included violent shaking, painful tying up, covering the head with a smelly sack. Bassem’s Torture

Why are you crying?

Khiam Prison was hell for many Palestinian prisoners

Inhuman treatment is giving to Marwan Barghouti

Torture and inhuman treatment of Palestinian prisoners

Torture and maltreatment of children in Israeli prisoners

Palfacts – IOA Breaking young man’s bones with bricks

Israeli Torture

B’Tselem on Torture

Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking

Shooting and Electric-Shocking of Palestinian Children


Israeli torture methods illegal

Israeli methods of torture unveiled

PA urges Israel to stop torture in “all forms”

Human Rights

Defence for Children – Palestine

Addameer [AR]






Al Mezan Human Rights

Prison Destroyed His Dreams: Ma’moun Dar Issa, Victim of Three Dark Years


The Israeli Attacks on Gaza: Day by Day

Occupation 101:

Who Profts: Exposing the occupying Industry

Report: Repression allowed, resistance denied

Or direct download of the full report:

Israeli racism in theory and practice | Report

The cultural genocide of Palestine

The Israeli Genocide in Palestine

Israel Domestic Ticking Time Bomb | Report

Friends of Al Aqsa | Photogallery

Virtual Tour of Al Aqsa Mosque

Support Palestine and its People

Childs Rights Monitor

Defence for Children Palestine

Islamic Relief Gaza

Islamic Relief Palestine

Facts on Palestine

Sponsor an Orphan

About the Apartheid Wall

Stop The Wall

(Anti) Zionism

Zionist Children, response to hasbara (Zionist propaganda)

Jews Against Zionism – Neturei Karta Worldwide Website

Jews Against Zionism – Neturei Karta Worldwide  Gallery

Jews For Justice For Palestinians

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 1 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 2 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 3 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 4 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 5 of 5

Judaism vs Zionism

Boycot Israel Products

Family Separation by IOA Policies

Israel to make Palestinians take pledge of allegiance

All reports about Family seperation from several Human Rights organisations

Creation of the problem of family separation in the Occupied Territories

Documentary: Policy Separates Palestinian Families

Documentary: Policy Separates Palestinian Families

Israel’s Permit System

B’Tselem: “Permit System to Cross Separation Barrier is Racist”

Israel’s Permit System

Israel’s ID/Permit System… an element of Israeli apartheid

Restrictions on Movement and related documents

Zionism is not Judaism

Demonstrations: Jews against Zionism

Israel is a racist colonizing Nation- Hayo Meyer, Holocaust Surviver

Israel is a Racist, Colonizing Nation – The Unmentionable said by Auschwitz Survivor Hajo Meyer

Zionists won’t let you see this on your TV!

The difference between Jews and Zionist

Zionism vs Judaism

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 1 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 2 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 3 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 4 of 5

Judaism and Zionism  | Part 5 of 5

Water Crisis in Gaza

Water Crisis in Gaza: How Occupation Affects Palestinians Access to Water (and healthrisks of polluted water [2005]

The Water Crisis in Gaza [2007]

Israeli siege creates drinking water crisis in Gaza [2008]

Israel keeping Gaza parched, Amnesty International says [2009]

Attack on water brings sanitation crisis

Water supplied in Gaza unfit for drinking; Israel prevents entry of materials needed to repair system [Aug 2010]

Gaza subjected to air strikes, water crisis [Sept 2010]

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